Monday, January 27, 2014

Hiatus over...

So I needed a break from the really but that's not really going to happen with 3 kids in the house.  Since I can only pause one of those things I thought the laptop a better solution than locking the kids in their rooms 24/7! 

A lot has been going on since Oct so over the next few days I'll fill everyone in.  Some of it is boring as hell, but others times were funny.  At least they were to me and if they aren't to you then that's all good.  We just have different sense of humors and I'm cool with that.  

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Breaking Up is hard to do!!

I have a small(large to some people) addiction to stuff.  Books, d├ęcor, craft supplies, old cards, clothes, etc etc!!  I do throw stuff out but I guess not enough cause damn I have a lot of shit right now that I don't need.  It has got to now!!

So we just bought a new house and my goal was to try and have a garage sale before moving but that was a big epic fail lol!!  Between watching 3 kids, cooking, cleaning and packing to move it was next to impossible to go through everything and organize it into a garage we moved it all to the new house last week and is currently taking up half the garage.  On the plus side I found out last week that the city wide garage sale is Oct 5th so that gives me a week to get ready for one...or not cause I just found out Paul is working the next 7 days straight so no go on the garage sale!  Goodwill here we come!

On the plus side of me saving some stuff, I do have my cabbage patch dolls and some barbies from when I was little(that would make them 25yrs old or so) for my kids to play with!!  But my pride and joy is my He-man and She-ra doll!  Not in perfect condition but they were my favorite cartoons and can't wait for Kaden to be old enough to play with them. 

Now just to say goodbye to the shit I don't really need and get the garage emptied out by the end of goal is to be able to park both cars in the garage this winter! Fingers crossed and wish me luck!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Home Sweet Home or as the kids call it...The Pool House!!

We bought a house...our very own Home Sweet Home!  So excited and a little nervous all mixed into one. 
Finally, after making an offer on July 5th, we closed Sept 12th!!  Buying a house is a long, drawn out process(at least for us) and I didn't like it one bit.  The reward at the end was however wonderful. We have a house, a room for each kid and has a pool!!

The house is pretty much move in ready, rooms all painted(although not my favorite colors but livable), a brand new remodeled kitchen, a finished basement so Paul can finally put his pool table back up and a pool to boot!!  Living in Kansas though we only got to use the pool a couple of times before it started cooling down.  However this is Kansas and the weather has been pretty crazy in the midwest the last few years so who knows, we could be swimming in December!! 

Now that things have finally slowed down(its been a little busy for me lately), maybe I'll finally get caught up with my blogging!  Thanks for the support!!