Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

So I'm a few days behind posting this since Rylan started kindergarten last Thursday but I've been a little busy trying to keep Lilly happy and Kaden from crying.  Overall it all went good...

Last Wednesday was meet the teacher so we went up to the school and Rylan got to meet his teacher and see where his classroom was going to be.  He had his backpack that night full of all his supplies so he put all that away, found his backpack hook, then his spot to sit where he proceeded to sit down.  He thought he was going to school that night.  It was so cute, but we explained it was just to meet his teacher and we had to go home and get a good nights rest. 

Thursday morning came, we got up and took a bath, ate some breakfast and got dressed.  We let him pick his clothes for the day so not everything matched just perfect but he was happy and that's what mattered!!  We then all loaded up in the car to see him off to his first day.

Once we got there, he lead the way to his classroom.  Pretty smart kid for remembering the way after only one visit!  We walked in and he hung up his backpack and sat down.  He seemed a little nervous for just a split second then put a smile on his face for the camera. 
He's now gone for 4 days and seems to be adjusting to it pretty good.  He's in all day everyday kindergarten which from preschool is a huge difference.  Lilly seems to be having the harder time adjusting since they are so close in age.  She's not sure what to do without him around but preschool starts next week so hopefully that will help her.  As for Kaden, he's teething so not much I can do there.  Living the life of happy one minute, screaming the next children!! 

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  1. Oh how I remember that first day of school...the excitement and anticipation. Now mine is in his last year of High School and it's not so exciting anymore!